Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation

In this image you can see we have put containment barriers and equipment in place and have begun the remediation process after this structure suffered a mold loss. If you have a mold loss, give us a call!

Water Damage Leads To Mold

This structure had some water damage that eventually caused mold to grow, as you can see in this image. We removed all the moisture and mold and were able to repair all the damage quickly.

Severe Mold

This structure had a severe mold problem and our team was called in to handle the removal and cleanup. If you have a mold situation, just give us a call, any time day or night.

SERVPRO setting up a Mold Containment

Here is our team setting up a Mold Containment in a commercial facility. Proper containment is critical with any mold remediation job and must be handled by trained professionals like SERVPRO. 

Severe Mold Remediation

Here is a shot of a mold job. Our team is trained and certified to handle a loss at this magnitude. It is important that proper steps are taken from start to finish. 

Containment Job for Mold

Our team working on a mold containment. It is extremely important to make sure on any mold job that each and every step is taken to provide safety on the job. A proper containment helps prevent the spread of mold spores.