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Flooding After Heavy Rains

The rain water flooded the building causing it to be closed for a few days until the cleanup process was finished. There was a lot of wet materials that needed ... READ MORE

Sewer Backup After Heavy Rains

There are times when the rain water raises the water levels too high and sewers begin to back up in homes. Sewer water is highly contaminated and the insurance ... READ MORE

Roofing Damage Due To Storm

The roof was damaged after a tree fell on it. Just a small portion of the roof was damaged but a lot of water had gotten into the building. The walls were remov... READ MORE

How Can I Prepare For A Storm?

If your home has been prone to storm damage in the past it might be a good idea to prepare for flooding when a large storm is eminent. This home did not have as... READ MORE

How Do I Choose A Reputable Flood Company?

There are a lot of companies out there for a homeowner to choose from. How do you determine if the company is right for you? Here are some important things to c... READ MORE

Storm Drain Backup Problem

When the storm does not let up the outdoor drains will fill up with nowhere else to go but to flood your home. If you have a basement with an outdoor entrance t... READ MORE

Do you have mold?

Mold is in every home without fail. It is usually in the form of a spore and it’s microscopic. You cannot see it unless you have a microscope or if you gi... READ MORE

How to remove mold safely from your home.

The trick with mold is making sure the spores do not spread into the uncontaminated areas of the home. We can assure this by building a containment around the v... READ MORE

Mold growing in Montclair, New Jersey

This home had mold growing inside after they had a leak from a broken pipe. The mold had grown up the walls that was leaving behind an odor that smelled like mi... READ MORE

Mold In Kitchen

Mold is microscopic which cannot be seen with the naked eye.Therefore, it is very hard to determine if your home has mold unless you can visibly see the black g... READ MORE